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About USmetros

USmetros is more than a classified ads portal, it is an online community of people who wish to live a metropolitan lifestyle. USmetros provides an informal and trustworthy means of getting their word out to fellow citizens in their city or surroundings to find a quick solution to their everyday needs, and in that process allows people to live a lifestyle of their choosing, with mobility to the urban core.It could be about finding a new apartment or a job or a companion in the city you live in or is relocating to. The forums provides a means to discuss or express your opinion about various topics ranging from politics to romance.

Currently around 230 metros, spread over 50 states in the  USA comes under the fraternity of USmetros. The site is unmoderated, and like any other community, USmetros expects that this service will be used responsibly. The postings in this site are free of charge and is also free of any flashy ads. There is no need to register or create a log-in ID to post a classified listing in this site. In other words the intention is to provide an alternative to impersonal big media sites.

The creator of USmetros will consider it to be a success, if it can provide a voice to the common man and helps him or her to  know better about their community or help each other in need. Any suggestions or opinions about improving this site will  be highly appreciated and can be posted in the feedback forum, or you could contact me directly.