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Best Treatment For Hermorrhoids That you need to see

Posted on Mon, 19 Dec 0:21 EDT
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Most people may experience anal discomfort at some point in their Lives, but they donít 
talk about it because itís quite an embarrassing topic to discuss. The most common 
complain involve pain and itching and in some cases may even involve bleeding.

ďAnal diseases are any abnormalities in anus and the most common anal disease are 
hemorrhoids, anal fissure which is a wound in the anus and then fistulas or yung pigsa na 
pumutok na hindi gumagaling.Ē

The risk increases especially if you have a poor diet and hygiene. Too much moisture in 
your bottom can also lead to itching. But why this anal ailments may temporarily cause 
discomfort and soreness. There are many ways to alleviate the situation.

ďOne of the main message is even if this are common condition, this are not life 
threatening condition, best to have check up just to make sure. Especially if youíre at 
age 40 or 50 or if you have changes the way you move your bowels. ď

What type of food should you eat to avoid anal discomfort ?

What treatment options are available for this kind of medical condition ? All these and 
more tonight on medtalk.

Joining us tonight, Dr. Armando Crisostomo a colorectal surgeon at the QualiMed Health 
Network. He is also a former president of Philippine College of Surgeons. Also joining us 
tonight, Dr. Manuel Francisco Roxas Consultant Director of The Medical City Colorectal 
Clinic and the chairman of the Department of Surgery of the Medical City. 

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