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Stop Hair Loss --

Posted on Sat, 30 Aug 8:8 EDT
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Stop Hair Loss and improve thin hair. Mag-Gro (also called as a Scalp massager) uses an
all-natural magnetic massage and localized compression to increase blood flow to the
scalp. Increased blood flow results in a healthier scalp. A healthy scalp will result in: 

Hair loss will slow and then stop in about 30 days 
Thin hair will become thicker, so will the hair shaft, all within 90 days 
New hair will grow from dormant follicles, even in areas previously bald 
Hair oil will return to hair shafts making hair soft and shiny. 

Mag-Gro increases blood flow to the scalp in three ways: 

Massaging action of the roller 
Mild magnetic field from the whole-earth magnets 
Compression of the dermis by Mag-Gros little fingers 
All that is needed for a full head of shiney and healthy hair is ample blood flow to the
hair follicle. Mag-Gro works as a hair growth stimulator to stop baldness by enhancing the
blood flow in the scalp.

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