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Fight Back At The Pump-10-50% Cash Back

Posted on Sat, 30 Apr 19:26 EDT
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The Price Of Gas Is Getting High and it will go up even Higher this Summer.More than a 
third of Americans are rethinking vacation plans because of record-high gas prices.Gallup 
Poll shows, and some destinations are feeling the squeeze as the summer travel season 
officially begins this holiday weekend and Many others in the future.Of those altering 
travel plans, 37% are scrapping trips and one in four wont go as far or stay as long, the 
poll finds. "Were pretty close to the toughest summer ever, at least for 
consumers.Welcome to the Global Gas Card Opportunity,How Would You Like To get 10-50% Back 
on the cost of Your Fuel Prices?When you sign up as an independent representative with the 
Global Gas Card you will immediately receive a replicated website which allows you to 
begin to share this opportunity.Hello! My name is Anthony D.Williams and I can be 
contacted via phone or email,I want to personally thank you for coming to my replicated 
site for the Global Gas Card Opportunity.This opportunity is moving at lightning speed and 
I want to encourage you to sign up as a member TODAY!For ONLY $125 ONE TIME plus $10 
processing you will have one year access to purchase Gas and receive back 10% in Gas 
Rewards! Our leading bonus benefit is the FIRST EVER Global Gas Card. With consumers 
worldwide looking for solutions to the ever rising gas prices the Global Gas Rewards 
program is the answer. 
Heres how the Member Gas Reward works;
Transfer the $50 of gas that you are already purchasing each week through our exclusive 
member online portal. (If you think about it you are already spending this money on gas 
anyway so you are Not spending any new money here)
The $50 is loaded to your registered card on file to use at any gas station worldwide.
We track your online Member gas purchases and issue you a 10% Gas Reward to your online 
Member Gas Rewards account.
Once your online Member Gas Reward account equals the $50 mark you can redeem your reward 
for $50 in Free Gas which will be loaded to your registered card on file!
The $50 in free gas rewards can be used at any gas station worldwide. 
The purchasing of gas through the online membership portal as outlined in Step 1 is 100% 
OPTIONAL as there is NO GAS PURCHASING REQUIREMENT. You will only be charged for the gas 
purchased online through your membership at the time you make the online purchase.
There are no fees associated with the virtual card account. The virtual card feature will 
allow you to continue to use your same credit card that you have always used for your gas 
purchases whether its a Mastercard or Visa, credit or debit, Amex or Discover, domestic 
or international, except now you can receive up to $260 a year in Gas Rewards!

Its costing you money everyday that you delay in becoming a member!
Join Today!! 

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