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HCG1x + New 3 in 1 formula! Look great for the Holidays

Posted on Mon, 15 Nov 22:25 EDT
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With Thanksgiving and Christmas on the way the last thing you want to do is gain that
extra 10 pounds or even start a so called diet RIGHT! Well here is our simple solution
lose your unwanted pounds or even start losing those pounds now! Maintain through out the
holidays with HCG and start again New Years! 
We want you to achieve your weight loss and feel good during the holidays. I know better
than anyone how it feels to suck in that belly and feel horrible in the clothes you wear.
You feel blotted and not very good about yourself and the way you look. In just 2 weeks I
lost 8 pounds and my goal is I am going to lose another 5 to 10 by Halloween. I plan on
maintaining through the holidays and lose what I gain after New Years. Dont sell yourself
short and not do what you have been wanting to do for sometime. 
And dont be fooled about cheap HCG !! The cheaper the more likely it is not real and you
will lose your charge with the HCG in 2 weeks or shorter. That is a promise! 
We do more for you than just sell you a bottle of HCG! 
You have thought about losing weight. BUT you have questions or concerns.. Call us! Let us
help you answer the questions you have. This is a safe and remarkable way to lose the
weight you want, and learn a better more healthier way of eating not just for you but for
your family too. 
Whether you use our product or not the question you have to ask yourself is this. Is it
better for me to try and lose weight or safer to stay over weight and and deal with some
of the down falls and health issues of being over weight? 
We want you to succeed!!!! We want you to feel better!!

Introducing to you a new formula of HCG. 
•This is sweet to the taste, non alcohol base, with appetite suppressant, (botanical
blends), with a energy boost.

• This FDA/OTC and Kosher certified.

• Halal and Vegan compliant.

•Our HCG 1x is the closet you can get to HCG without getting a prescription.

•Also this has a unopened shelf life of 5 years, and a open shelf life of 90 days without
losing the charge of the HCG

Feel a difference with HCG lose the weight you want and feel better, inside and out!
HCG is a simple fast way to lose the unwanted pounds. We have had great success with
people and they love there results, you feel better look better and more important you

•Gain more energy
•Get rid of stubborn body fat
•Diminish sweet craving and hunger
•Kick start your Metabolism
•Improve skin elasticity and sleep pattern

These are just a few benefits you will have using HCG
When you buy from us we offer a cook book containing 82 pages of recipes and snack ideas,
also The guide from Dr Simeons "Pounds and Inches. Plus you can email any questions or

You deserve to look great and feel better inside and out. Let us give you that first step
in the right direction.

Here is a sample recipe:

Chicken & Strawberry Salad

2 T. fresh squeezed orange juice
2 T. fresh squeezed lemon juice
1-2 pkts. Splenda or other sugar substitute
Combine ingredients well.
Chill until serving.

¼ c. soy sauce
2 T. fresh squeezed orange juice
1 clove garlic, minced
2 green onions, thinly sliced
½ lb. chicken breast
4 c. raw spinach
1 c. sliced strawberries
¼ med. red onion sliced, rings separated

In a gallon size ziplock bag combine, soy sauce, green onions, 2 T. orange juice and garlic.
Add chicken and seal bag. Marinate in refrigerator for2-24 hours, turning occasionally.
Remove chicken from bag and reserve marinade. Grill or broil chicken for 8-10 minutes
turning once and
brushing with marinade. Cook until chicken is tender and no longer pink. Cool chicken
Place spinach, 2 c. each onto serving plates. Slice chicken and place on top of spinach,
top with
sliced strawberries and red onion rings. Shake dressing and drizzle evenly over two salads.
Makes 2 servings
Calories: 195 per serving Fat: 3g.
Call Toll Free 1 877 522 7673


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